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Sample testimonials:

“Eryl went above and beyond in her fact-checking task, looking not only at the standard reference material but also finding and sifting through a wealth of new scientific research, before providing a clear summary and a recommendation for how we should display the information in our book. Her accuracy, thoroughness, clarity and efficiency made her perfect for this job, and she was brilliant to work with too.” – Jonathan Litton


“Her keen eye for detail, accurate proofreading and project management skills meant that I could trust her to do a great job. Eryl’s creativity extended from innovative book plans to problem solving of all kinds – a must for a great editor that really benefited the company. I would strongly recommend Eryl and hope to work with her again myself in the future.” – Libby Hamilton


“As an editor, Eryl is extremely thorough, efficient and knowledgeable. She works really well with both authors and artists on children’s books, and this is in part to her very being very visual, as well as editorial. As a project manager, Eryl is professional and flexible, always reacting and rethinking the needs of each project to make sure everything comes together cohesively. Eryl was a joy to work with – she is an efficient, highly skilled and generally lovely co-worker.” – Kim Hankinson


“Eryl is a very creative, self-motivated and enthusiastic editor who always puts her heart and effort into each project that she works on. I would recommend Eryl if you are looking for a talented and hard working editor with experience of non-fiction children’s books.” – Yontita Smith


“I worked with Eryl on the Templar list but I also worked with her colleagues at Little Tiger, all of which were incredibly complimentary of her work, direction and her creative legacy. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Eryl on Templar projects and would really love to work with her again. She’s a great editor, has got wonderful vision and her authors are very lucky to work with her.” – Patricia Cooper


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